Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Temple, My Pagoda

I am not sure how to set up a blog but am really happy to share our journey with all.

We have picked colours for four or five different homes. So when we did the colours in this one it took 2 hours tops! The tender appointment on each occassion took two appointments and still didn't end in signatures. My hubby is pretty thorough. We also had some thing to consider as we are having a full grey water treatment system installed, so had to amend the plumbing, have that checked etc.

The system means that we will recycle and be legally allowed to store all of our grey H2O and water our gardens and lawns until we live in a tropical paradise. The only water that we won't resuse is of-course the black.Carlisle have been great, which is important, as the grey system is a big investent (but well worth it).

The developers knocked the beautiful Bordeaux back as the upstairs was more than 60% of the size of downstairs. So, for us, we lose our fab view of the city from our bedroom.

The Pagoda is still going to be a beautiful home and with the money we saved we could have a few extra nice things and not have to break the budget.

Our block is approx 900m2 and has a beautiful reserve across the road. It is going to be really nice.

I am glad we have been through the process with several houses that were 'the one' as it gave us clarity around exactly what we wanted in our home. "main bed not at front, kids rooms not at front (guests is OK), big kitchen (lots of added pot drawers), doors where we need them, stone v laminate". You know the drill.

I am not sure how to do the photos but will learn I guess.

By the way - I am an out and out Scorpio! I am too sure that any of the builders liked me too much....